Talk Together

Talk together was set up in response to the impact of the coronavirus on mental healthI

The Talk Together programme

  • A child, young person, adult or keyworker can access our mental health service to meet with a qualified psychotherapist/ counsellor online 
  • They will be given a space to discuss how they are feeling, how they are managing family dynamics or loneliness
  • Useful wellbeing resources or activities, mindfulness, creative work will be explored – whatever is determined from the initial sessions to help.

In-line with our traditional services, we will be offering support around:

  • Attachment issues
  • Early developmental material and trauma
  • As well as loss and bereavement support for all.

To access this programme, please contact:

clinicaladmin@kidsinspire.org.uk M: 07908 829 550 T:  01245 348707

Resiliency resources Kids 'changes' book

Talk together: responding to the challenges of the pandemic; a new era for therapy perhaps? Dimitra Theodoropoulou, Kids Inspire’s Clinical Impact Manager has pondered: “Resilience is a big word and an even bigger concept. When I try to explain it to my young clients in simple words, I talk about the ability to adapt ‘doing the best with what is available’ (for more read ‘Trauma through a Child’s Eyes’ Levine P.A. & Kline M., 2006). This applies to both therapists and clients and often children and young people are showing their way through their creativity and playfulness.

Establishing and maintaining connection via online therapy is possible; neuroscience explains how we connect and grow through Facial and Vocal expressions (for more read ‘The Polyvagal Theory’ Stephen Porges, 2011). In today’s clinical practice, resilience is built when both therapist and child are having their colour pencils and paper out to express, externalise and communicate thoughts and feelings through Art while seeing each other on a computer screen.”