World Mental Health Day

Wednesday 10 October is #WorldMentalHealthDay or to us at Kids Inspire ‘World Mental Wellness day’.

Like physical health, we also have mental health. Our mental health consists of our feelings, thinking’s, emotions and our moods. Feeling down, angry and stressed is a normal part of life, as is feeling happy, confident and carefree sometimes.

Our mental health is a combination of positive and negative emotions and it all depends on what is going on around us – it’s not always about being happy.

Find your balance – mental health self-care

What you can do if you or someone you know is experiencing negative emotions

If something has tipped you or someone you know into feeling negative, we would encourage you to:

  • Take a break and do something you enjoy
  • Talk and share with others about the way you are feeling
  • Join an exercise club, or just go out in the fresh air!
  • Take part in an activity you enjoy – art, drama, writing or simply sit down and watch a film
  • Laugh! Laugh with friends or ask them to make you laugh.

Our commitment for #Worldmentalhealthday18

On this day and every day in the forthcoming year, we commit to doing what we can to reduce the stigma around mental health and to reach out to our children and young people facing emotional distress earlier. We propose to do this by:

  • Increasing awareness of children and young people’s mental well-being
  • To train front line staff working with children and young people about emotional well-being
  • To offer a forum for young people to share their thoughts about mental health

AND finally, and foremost to

  • Work directly with children, young people and their families to appreciate ‘mental wellness’ and to support them through troubled times.

You can make healthy mental and physical health choices too, tell us what you commit to doing in this coming year by getting in touch via social media or by emailing us at we always like to hear from you.

Together we can focus on World Mental Wellness Day!

Here is a photo of the team at Kids Inspire making each other laugh!