Talk Together appeal

Talk together: an urgent project set-up in response to the increased need for specialist mental health services during the Coronavirus

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Virtual therapy fuelled by the ongoing crisis is helping to fill a gap in services locally.

Urgent additional funding is needed to provide an extraordinary service to reach mentally vulnerable children, young people, families and key workers who have fallen victim to their new set of circumstances.

Mental health support is more in need than ever before and the specialist bespoke therapy offered at Kids Inspire will focus on nurturing the strengths of a child and family to build resilience during this unprecedented time. 

Additionally, online support will be made available for parents/carers and children, as well as an online consultation service for teachers, health workers and other key workers. 

Sue Bell, CEO, Founder and Clinical Director at Kids Inspire, said: β€œWe have already seen an increased demand for our services which fill a gap in available mental health support.

β€œOur critical working team have remained resilient during this ongoing emergency state and have adapted swiftly, where possible, to virtual therapy. The plan is now to continue offering our services, but now to a new set of service users, who by circumstance might fall victim to emerging mental health issues.

β€œThis additional offering is being made to those most vulnerable – parents/carers and children.  Plus, a new online consultation service for teachers, health workers and other key workers will be made available in recognition of the mental drain they will be experiencing.” 

Virtual therapy will continue for existing service users of the charity. Extremely traumatised children, who are not living with blood relatives and who have suffered physical and emotional abuse are being offered face to face therapy, but this is limited.  

Urgent funding is required to fully mobilise this commitment of support and to ensure the continuity of routine services once this emergency state has lifted. Donations can be made online, via bank transfer or via posts on Facebook.

Other ways we’d welcome your help πŸ‘†πŸΎπŸ‘‡

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To find out more about Talk Together or to access the service, please click here.

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