The mentor and mentee relationship

This real-life example of the Mentor and Mentee relationship really captures the possibility of transformation.  Sometimes in life we expect ‘quick fixes’, but it’s rare that we get them.  To hang in there and relish the small changes in a relationship is so vital.

The Mentor ( 50-year-old Nancy ):

“Molly asked to take my dog for a walk for our next meeting.  It’s a place she loves and goes to with her family sometimes. We had a great chat along the way about the things we were seeing, it was not the negativity she is prone to at times.

Before meeting Molly, I had spoken to my Kids Inspire Supervisor – who helped me a great deal as I had been struggling with Molly’s negativity. The advice was to be ‘myself’ with her. I was ‘myself’ today and seeing her throughout our meeting I realised that I really was helping her to gain some confidence. I talked about general things as much as she did and it was a pleasant two way conversation throughout the day.

I will continue meeting Molly and ‘being me’ and hope her confidence will grow and that she will believe that she is good company when she is ‘herself’ too.”

The Mentee’s (15-year-old Molly) family member:

“Molly loves meeting Nancy, and hardly ever misses a meeting. I have noticed a difference in Molly’s behaviour – she is calmer and not as cross or angry – recently she appears more grown up. And while Molly still suffers with anxiety and mild panic attacks, she is now going to school on the bus every day which is something she would not do before the mentoring began. Her school is sharing reports of positive behaviour and good eye contact in lessons – progress.

Without Kids Inspire and Mentoring I have no idea where we would both be, but it wouldn’t be a good place, thank you for everything you all do.”