#TeamKidsInspire is looking for challengers

We’re always looking for new challengers to take on a personal challenge in support of the Kids Inspire Community in the coming months we are reaching out and asking you if you will take on the Blackout Nuclear Races and/ or the London Landmarks Half-Marathon?

London’s Central half-marathon through Westminster and the City is open for pre-registration now and TWO of our super fundraising team have already signed up. You can join in the ballot in support of Kids Inspire by clicking here.


London LandMarks Half-marathon
  • 29 MARCH 2020
  • 13,000+ RUNNERS

Good luck in the ballot and let us know if you chose to enter by emailing events@kidsinspire.org.uk

Blackout Nuclear Races

Blackout Nuclear Races we are hoping to rally up 10 challengers… feeling inspired to run through the mud in the dark in support of Kids Inspire? Then let us know by emailing nikki@kidsinspire.org.uk and we’ll reserve you a place on #TeamKidsInspire (with a group booking we can secure a 10% discount)



7 September 2019

Blackout is a 5km multi-lap obstacle night race. 

  • Run as many 5km laps at night as you can or would like to in 2 hours
  • Muddy obstacles and terrain
  • Over 30 high-quality obstacles, both natural and man-made
  • Fun and challenging – suitable for all levels of fitness and age
  • Involves camaraderie and teamwork
  • Water on the course is no deeper than 4-5′
  • Every entrant is chip-timed
  • Minimum age is 16 years
  • There are water stations on the course and in the event village
  • Professional medical attendance in the event village and on the course
  • Course health and safety checked
  • Every entrant will receive a Blackout Nuclear Survivor medal and #MuddyMug with hot tea at the finish
  • A waterproof head torch is essential