Tai Chi is for everyone – whether you’re four or 104, join in!

Calming and mindful exercises and movement have been introduced to a new cohort of interested participants this week.

“You feel as if you are sinking into the sand. Its calming and freeing.” – A class participant.

Participants enjoying their Tai Chi introduction

Gary Neale, Essex-based Tai Chi instructor, practices the art of Tai Chi for its health and wellbeing benefits, and he’s offering to share and teach his knowledge weekly as a new offering from Inspire Wellbeing Services.

Inspire Wellbeing Services is a Community Interest Company (CIC) offering a wide range of services, consultation and complementary therapies for adults, children, couples, and whole and extended families.

Profits from Inspire will be donated to Kids Inspire to support the mission that all children have access to the specialist support they need in order that they may grow to be healthy resilient adults leading fulfilling lives.

In his first session, Gary taught a class of 10 adults about:

  • Posture – ‘the parallel stance’
  • The Tai Chi walk – how to relax the body and mind
An experienced class that Gary teaches in Essex

Participants discovered that the art of Tai Chi allows the flow of energy through the body. By switching off the ego-mind, through controlled soft and mindful alignment, you are able to relax and release trapped energies to allow for positive wellbeing benefits.  

The formwork is accompanied by exercises and walking practice which condition the Taiji body.

Gary will be offering a weekly Wu Style Taiji beginner class starting on Thursday 12 March 12-1.30pm focusing on the slow form along with some Qi Gong.

“The energy you can build and maintain with Tai Chi is great, it will help you to find inner peace and happiness.” – Gary Neale

To book onto the Tai Chi course, please click here.