Strange feelings by Corale Betterfly

A book for young children, to help them understand the changes going on

The large plates were at the bottom of the pile with the smaller ones sat on top. This was very normal and just the way it had always been. The dishes and bowls were on the same shelf in the same cupboard as the plates. Everything in the cupboard felt safe and all okay.

The knives, forks, spoons and other cutlery were in their own little segment in the kitchen drawer. They all knew where they were and what to expect from day to day.

What they hadn’t felt before was how strange it was to be outside of the drawer and cupboard. There were plenty of discussions about things that the crockery and cutlery did not understand. The air around them felt different, people were behaving differently, this was something that they had never encountered before.

The plates spoke to the dishes about how different everything felt, but this didn’t change anything. So, they decided to talk to the cutlery and all they could establish was that there was something going on, of which none of them could understand.

It is very hard to make sense of anything new or unusual when nobody seemed to speak the language that could be understood by everyone. It was difficult to talk to one another, because everyone seemed to be frightened of something in their own unique way.

They decided that sometimes we have to remember that everything is in its rightful place, it is the right time and everything is perfect.