Ruthie hosts lunch to celebrate the unity of collective voice this #Worldmentalhealthday

Yesterday, on World Mental Health Day and with leading ladies from across Essex in attendance, Ruthie Henshall hosted a celebratory lunch in recognition of 100 years since the suffragettes secured ‘the vote’ for women.

100 years ago, women up and down the country came together collectively to be heard and to effect change. Similarly, World Mental Health Day is about effecting change – change is something that Kids Inspire can contribute to on a local level across Essex.

Standing with Sue Bell CEO and Founder of Kids Inspire, Ruthie in her role as Patron spoke openly about the importance of mental health self-care and the need for change within mental health support available for our younger generation. She said: “Our mental health is a combination of both positive and negative emotions, which often depends on what is going on around us. Mental health is not always about us feeling or being happy. We can have a positive impact on our wellbeing by keeping a good balance of physical and mental health.”

Sue went on to say: “If something has tipped you or someone you know into feeling negative, we would encourage you to take a break and do something you enjoy. Talk and share with others about the way you are feeling or just go out in the fresh air for a change of scenery.”

In recognition of World Mental Wellness Day! And to encourage a good mental health balance, in the forthcoming year at Kids Inspire we are going to commit to:

  • Increasing awareness of children and young people’s mental well-being
  • To train front line staff working with children and young people about emotional well-being
  • To offer a forum for young people to share their thoughts about mental health

AND finally, and foremost to

  • Work directly with children, young people and their families to appreciate ‘mental wellness’ and to support them through troubled times.

Much of our emotional and mental wellbeing support is only possible due to the generous support of our funders. To get involved, to find out more, or to fundraise on our behalf please visit:

Our Patron, Ruthie with a host of volunteers and supporters of Kids Inspire.