Reclaiming Lives

Since 2015, our Reclaiming Lives project has been positioned to manage the most complex of cases.

The flexibility of the project enables us to draw on a range of therapeutic treatments, methodology and specialisms to not just treat the symptoms but also address the underlying cause.

By avoiding restricted intervention methods and time limits, and by adopting a holistic approach to treatment and intervention, each child (alongside their family) receives a treatment plan that has been tailored specifically to their needs. The aims of this model/ approach are listed below:

  • Learn to understand emotions and experiences that lay beneath negative feelings/ behaviours
  • Learn to identify what triggers negative feelings/ behaviours and finding unique coping strategies
  • To explore identity and build feelings of self-worth, self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Learning about emphatic family relationships and how to improve communication.

Assessment and treatment are drawn up by our highly experienced Clinical Team, ensuring that Kids Inspire doesn’t just treat ‘symptoms’ but instead addresses underlying cause; leading to long term, sustainable outcomes.


The evidenced change has the potential for further positive outcomes preventing children and young people from engaging with self-harm and risky behaviours, such as alcohol/drug abuse, abusive relationships, educational exclusion and social isolation.

In general, parents report improvement in their own life:

  • Physical health
  • Well-being
  • Social networks
  • Home & money.

This in return, helps the parents to feel empowered to:

  • Meet their child’s emotional needs
  • Keep their child safe
  • Support their child’s education and learning
  • Set appropriate boundaries to manage their child’s challenging behaviour
  • Establish a safe and consistent family routine to make family life more harmonious.

Reclaiming Lives is supported by funding from: