Party to thank volunteers’ for their DIY SOS response

A volunteer celebration event was hosted on the final day of Volunteers’ Week, to thank volunteers’ and organisations for their response to our DIY SOS.

During the month of May, over 100 volunteers responded to the SOS by gifting hundreds of hours to painting, gardening, moving, packing, plumbing and many other essential maintenance jobs to ready Hargrave House for clients.

The celebration was possible with thanks to the charitable Rapid Relief Team, who provided a delicious BBQ onsite at Hargrave House for the huge number of corporate supporters; individual volunteers’; community groups – Chelmsford Lions and Round Table; and new Landlords, Essex County Council, who have all gone above and beyond in support of the charity’s relocation from Fox Crescent, Melbourne to Great Baddow.

Sue Bell, CEO and Founder of Kids Inspire, said: “Response to our DIY SOS has been absolutely amazing – we could not have come as far as we have in just over a month without the dedication, spirit and passion from so many.

“In fact, we wouldn’t have had this incredible opportunity to move into Hargrave House without our Landlords, Essex County Council, so huge thanks must be credited to them for all their ongoing support.

“Kids Inspire was set up 12 years’ ago in response to a gap in services, I wanted to add value and empower more positive choices for our younger generation locally. Our growth is largely thanks to our supporter base, whom we are so grateful to have by our side as we work with more and more children.”

Councillor Dick Madden, Cabinet Member for Performance, Business Planning and Partnerships said: “I couldn’t think of a more worthy tenant than Kids Inspire. I’m delighted the move to their new location has gone smoothly and that the County Council can continue to support such a great charity.”

Essex County Councillor Louise McKinlay, Cabinet Member for children and families said: “I am delighted that we have been able to assist Kids Inspire in finding a new home at Hargrave House and I would like to extend my thanks to all the volunteers who’ve worked so passionately to help them move into their new home. I personally look forward to hearing more about their work and seeing how I can support them in the future.”

Watch this space to find out how things progress as we shift our DIY focus to the expanse of gardens at Hargrave House.