Online therapy sessions reach an all-time lockdown high

All-time lockdown high

Last week alone Kids Inspire supported 322 assessed service users and engaged with 88 new parents and carers seeking support from the charity.

Sadly, it was the busiest week since lockdown began, yet for a charity that specialises in trauma and early mental health support Kids Inspire is a positive online space for children and young people to reach out to.

Sue Bell, Kids Inspire’s Clinical Director and CEO, said: “At Kids Inspire we have continued to work with existing service users, but as anticipated, we have seen a rise in the number of new referrals. Our team mobilised quickly and have been incredible offering 1,320 online therapy sessions between 30 March and 24 April. More and more we have been responding to cases where families are finding their new circumstances tough. One new parent this week shared a complex trauma history for his 12-year-old child who has become increasingly violent as pressure builds and due to risk, safe space away from the family home is not an option available to them.”

A new programme: Talk Together

Talk together was set up in response to the impact of the coronavirus on mental health. It offers online support to children, young people, families and keyworkers to manage their emotional wellbeing and sanity during this difficult time.