NEW: Specialist Counselling Service for children and young people (Mid-Essex and Castle Point and Rochford) –

On 1 August Kids Inspire became part of a new partnership offering: ‘Specialist Counselling Service for children and young people’ commissioned by the NHS and local CCGs.

Communications issued to GPs and other local organisations, from the local CCGs, said:

“As part of our response to Covid-19, and the increase in demand for mental health support for our children and young people a new service has recently been commissioned to support children and young people aged 5-18 years (or up to 25 if in receipt of an Education, Health and Care Plan).  Kids Inspire, Open Door and Mind have been commissioned as a partnership to deliver a specialist early intervention service for children and young people with emerging mental health issues.  The three organisations will see children and young people with low level depression, anxiety, low mood, worries and concerns arising from Covid-19.”

In partnership, the three charities will see children and young people with any of the following issues: 

  • low-level depression
  • anxiety
  • low mood
  • worries and concerns arising from Covid-19

For more details or to discuss a potential referral directly, please email cypcounselling.kidsinspire@nhs.net or call 01245 348 707.


If you are a young person referring yourself for mental health support. We hope you will find this step by step guide helpful:

You are feeling anxious/ low/ sad/ or worried about COVID-19 and have chosen to call our helpline for online support. Below is a step-by-step of what you can expect to happen:

1.A member of the Kids Inspire team will answer your call, talking to you about how you are feeling and what you are experiencing. They will listen to your story, prompting if needed, taking detailed notes and find out if one-to-one or group support would suit you best.

2. During the call our team will take your own contact details and ask if your parents/carers are aware of your call. Before any contact is made with parents/carers our team will find out how you feel about us speaking to them and (depending on your age) you will be encouraged to tell them about your phone call.

3. If you are 16 and under, consent from your parents/carers is necessary before support can be offered.

4. Once your phone call and story have been logged, either Mind, Open Door or Kids Inspire – three organisations with different specialisms in mental health –  will contact you to agree a time and date to meet.

5. Support will be delivered online.