New Premises search

Our search for new premises is on

We are in the midst ofsearching for a new building to home our clinical, fundraising and business teams. Having recently put a call out on Facebook and Twitter asking for ideas, inspiration or potential contactsto help us to finalise a shortlist of suitable local buildings, we will soon be in a position to finalise where we will be moving to in December this year.

This is a positive move for us as the need for our services has rapidly increased, as have our resources to meet those demands, so we havereally outgrown the space we are currently in.

With other lines of enquiry ongoing in our search, a possible shortlist has been made, but with nothing that entirely suits the need – individual and private space for therapy, mentoring and coaching – the search has come to a point where more input is welcome. This includes the potential to share premises with interested parties.

Can you tell us about any buildings/ space in a building that you know of?
+3,200sq ft space
Availability for two years +
Accessible by road and public transport.

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