My ‘OK place’

“Don’t want – or can’t- talk about it? Why not try Art and see what happens.”

A therapeutic project for everyone: children, young people and adults can you draw, colour, paint or describe your ‘Ok Place’?

When the world feels big and scary, I need a place where I feel OK.

My OK Place may be where I feel safe, calm, happy or simply just the place where I can be OK.

Sometimes this place may be out of reach; somewhere I’ve been before and I don’t know when I can go again. It may be a place I’ve always wanted to go but I am not sure if this will happen any time soon.

My OK Place may be a memory, captured in a photograph or in a sketch I did when I was daydreaming. It may be a real place or a fantasy place; wherever I feel OK.

I can close my eyes and really see it in my mind. I can use my senses to bring it to life; what can I see, what can I touch, what can I hear, what can I smell, what can I taste? This is my OK Place and I can stay for as long as I need to.

Collectively, young people in the Voice group find their OK Place in film and music.

You can hear some members talking about the film, the Joker here

Now, I can take a piece of paper and my favourite colour pencils to make a drawing capturing the image in my head. I can cut out images from magazines, different colours and shapes, and make a collage of my OK Place. I can even use modelling clay or homemade dough to build a 3D model of my OK Place. Whatever feels right for me.

Keeping this picture or model close to me, on my desk, in my pocket, on my window or the fridge may help to remind me that I am OK, here and now.

©Dimitra Theodoropoulou, Kids Inspire 2020