Lunch Club on BBC Essex

To hear Laura’s interview Listen here

Kids Inspire was approached this week to speak to BBC Essex’s Dave Monk about our holiday Lunch Club, which is run during every school holiday and is a part of outreach activities that Kids Inspire offer to the local community. Run over two days each week, the club varies it’s offering taking into consideration the promotion of therapeutic activities, such as outdoor learning, art, music and team games – all delivered alongside a healthy lunch!

Speaking on a topical issue around holiday hunger, our Dramatherapist, Laura Drury, spoke to Drivetime presenter, Dave, this week about our holiday lunch club which is focused on activity and fun, but also includes a ‘healthy balanced lunch’.

To introduce the piece on Wednesdays Drive Time show, Dave spoke about how: “Summer holidays are in full swing but are not without challenges for some families.”

Discussing results from a survey of young mums, commissioned by the National Charity – Young Women’s Trust, who supports young women aged 18-30 in England and Wales – Dave quoted that:

“1 in 4 young mums are skipping meals every day to feed their family” And that “50% admit to skipping meals weekly to provide for their family” he went on to say, that these are the “shocking findings from the Young Women’s Trust.”

Introducing Kids Inspire to the discussion live on air, Dave said: “Kids Inspire runs a lunch club to help families out in the summer…welcome to Laura, a Dramatherapist at Kids Inspire…You concentrate on the activities, but the lunch is more of an add on…?”

Laura replied: “Lunch Club is important for lots of reasons, the social aspect, the trying new things, giving parents a little bit of a break during the holidays.” it’s about “the opportunity for activity, for fun and for the food.”

For enquiries about slots available this holiday, please email reception@kidsinspire.org.uk