Kids Inspire’s Young People’s Forum – Pizza Party!

Kids Inspire’s Young People’s Forum (YPF) were abuzz with excitement last week when they found out that Domino’s Pizza had very kindly donated three large, delicious pizzas for their pizza party!

Everyone at Kids Inspire was delighted when we were granted funding for our YPF, allowing the young people to take part in some activities of their choice over the Summer holidays. So the YPF were invited over to enjoy Domino’s pizza in the Kids Inspire garden and have a chat about how they would like to spend their funding.

The young people came up with some great ideas for activities and days out: a movie night, a trip to the sea-side, Dedham Therapy Farm, motocross/quad-biking and live/public art creation. The young people also loved the idea of being able to expand their funding by using a portion of it to hold fundraising events for their group.

They were also keen to have speakers come in and talk to them about topics they feel are not covered in school, such as mental health, risky behaviour and sexual exploitation.

So it looks like this Summer is going to be a very bright, exciting one for Kids Inspire’s Young People’s Forum; full of adventure, learning and new discoveries. Want to come on the journey with us…? Watch this space!