Kids Inspire Celebrates 10 Years with a party at Essex Cricket Ground

Kids Inspire was set up by Sue Bell ten years ago in a classroom and a small cupboard, all based at what was St Peter’s College.  A team of volunteers begged, borrowed and gave generously of their time to get ready to open the doors to the charity at the start of the academic year 2007.

They had the full support of a cluster of primary and secondary schools in Chelmsford.  They knew there was a gaping hole in the provision of children’s emotional well being services and they were keen to work with a service that would find speedy, accessible and inclusive solutions.  By the end of week one they had 25 referrals. By the end of month one they had a donation of £10,000.  By the end of their first year they had delivered six lots of training in schools, met with four hundred families and supported 320 individuals in Chelmsford.

Today it is sadly not unusual for them to receive 12 referrals in one day. They now support children, young people and families across the whole of Essex.  In the last ten years they have helped thousands of individuals. They fill a gap with their innovation, creativity and by being flexible to the needs of their service users that are incredibly brave. The work they do is challenging emotionally, physically and mentally. They are constantly trying to find ways to raise funds so that they can continue to provide services to those who need it most.  They have been described on more than one occasion as life support.

” I am proud of all we have achieved and I am grateful beyond words to all those who have played their part.  I am hopeful for a future world that understands that mental health is something we all have.  A government that invests in services that truly make a long term difference rather than those that are cheap and ultimately ineffective.  And I am looking forward to continuing to help children, young people, families and fellow front line staff.  Thank you to everyone who has been willing to believe in all that is Kids Inspire and who take time to understand what lies beneath the behaviour of those in our communities who worry and frighten us the most.”

Sue Bell Founder