Kids Can Do It… a follow-up!

Volunteers are vital to a community day such as the one we recently hosted in the High Chelmer Shopping Centre, Chelmsford – ‘Kids Can Do It’.

We had a happy band of volunteer support, all that were willing to shout and share about Kids Inspire within the Shopping Centre.
One of our amazing volunteers, Heidi, recalled how the day was for her:

“The day was so good, and it was an amazing opportunity to talk to the public about Kids Inspire and to raise awareness. The event was a success, especially with the performances and the graffiti wall.

It was a good chance for the public to answer some questions that are important to todays younger eneration, but that they may not think about often. The performances were interesting – there are so many young people who are full of talent!

Some of my highlights from volunteering were speaking to so many about young people’s lives today and how its changed from when they were younger.  I would recommend to anyone interested in volunteering to go along to an event like this, as it is so important to spread the word and get even more people involved.”

Thanks, Heidi for being a part of the #KidsInspireCommunity.

The focus for the day centred on gathering opinion on: “What needs to change to improve childhood?” Volunteers spoke directly to residents, shoppers and shopkeepers, asking for their valuable thoughts, of which we got in droves!

“Listen to your kids. Listen to hear – not to reply”

“To feel safe, fed, loved and happy.”

“Time outside to enjoy the beauties of nature – free time to explore new things surrounded by the love & understanding of family & friends. This was my childhood, my children’s and I hope it will be yours.”

Quotes taken from the wall during Kids Can Do It!

Among the entertainers supporting Kids Inspire at High Chelmer were local man P. Teddy Sawyer, who used his experience as host from the Northern Soul show, Route 67, to MC throughout. It was Sophie Griffiths, a 17-year-old singer-songwriter -who recently won the Song Academy Young Songwriter competition; Rohan Fletcher and Ollie Jochim, who played Billy Elliot in the West End; and performers from Chelmsford’s JD Dance School who entertained the crowds with their talents!