John Golding in London Marathon – over £2500 already!

John Golding will be taking part in the 2015 Virgin Money London Marathon to raise money for Kids Inspire. John and his wife Karen have fostered children for a number of years and know first-hand the difficulties that neglected children face.

Said John, “We have intimate experience of the terrible neglect that some children suffer and we know that with time, care and love they can be turned around. We have decided to take this a stage further (by running the London Marathon) to provide some real benefit to other children who desperately need security, stability, love and encouragement.

“If you read about the fantastic work that the team at Kids Inspire do, you will realise that it’s no exaggeration to say that this is the last possible stop for many of the young children in the Essex area.”

Since John signed up to run the Marathon, he and his wife have taken “delivery” of 2 babies unexpectedly! He will work his training around his full time job and helping his wife with their new arrivals.

John has already raised over £2,500 for Kids Inspire. For more information or to sponsor John please visit their family VirginMoneyGiving page.

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