#IWill – The power of youth!

Young people aren’t just the leaders of the future – they’re changing communities, society & the environment for the better TODAY.

But not every young person has the opportunity to take part – or to have their voice heard.

That’s why we’re championing #PowerOfYouth this #iwillWeek.

Thanks to funding from the Essex Community Foundation, the Voice Forum continues to meet regularly with the aim of providing a safe space for young people to discuss the stigma around mental health and how they might impact change.  The united group have already been on hand to raise awareness about issues affecting young people today after joining a roadshow event: ‘Kids Can Do it’.

Members of the Voice joined ‘Kids Can Do it’, hosted in the heart of their local community; actively seeking out responses to the question “What needs to change to improve childhood?”and encouraging comments for the graffiti wall.


This week, to mark #IWillWeek and the #PowerofYouth, members of the Voice will be at Chelmsford Community Radio Station to meet another local cohort of youth activists’. Collectively the group intend to explore themes such as:

  • fighting the stigma of mental health
  • breaking down barriers
  • sowing the seeds for change
  • building healthier communities.

With the medium of radio in mind, the group will also be prepared to talk about music and how certain songs make them ‘feel’ – important to mental health.

You can listen in to the collaborative interview on Thursday this week.

Young people – no matter their background – deserve the opportunity to take action on issues they care about. They can make a real difference, now & in the future.

That’s why we’re celebrating the #PowerOfYouth this #iwillWeek.