‘Inside Out’ & ‘Time to Talk’ day

Our friends over at Chelmsford Community Radio (CCR) today encouraged more people to talk about mental health by broadcasting commentary from our ‘The Voice’ group, who recently paid a visit to the studios.

Later tonight one of our members of The Voice will be on CCR Drivetime to talk about Children’s Mental Health Week, Inside Out day and Time To Talk day!

Thanks to Chelmsford Community Radio, we have some fascinating discussions from members of the Voice about their favourite films and how they link to mental health…


The Joker, by the Voice

The story of the ‘Joker’ follows a mentally ill man named Arthur Fleck, who is consistently downtrodden by those around him.

“It appears to have the idea that society sweeps mental health under the rug. I don’t know how true this is, but it seemed pretty realistic.” – Joe, The Voice

The film shares with audiences a character previously associated with chaos and violence by giving him depth and humanity.

“The worst thing about being mentally ill is that people expect you to act like you’re not.” – Arthur Fleck, AKA The Joker

The Voice group is a bio monthly meet and welcomes new members. If you know someone that this forum might appeal to or if you’d be interested in being involved, please contact elizabeth@kidsinspire.org.uk

“The Voice group is a group that comes together and can talk about their mental health, anxiety, depression and to spread mental health awareness.” – Arthur, The Voice