How your money is spent

With so much of our income coming from fundraising activities, events and donations, we want to make sure that you are up to date with where your money is being spent.

Around 30% of our funding comes in from our generous supporters. And it is that money that is used to fund some of our projects, including – Reclaiming Lives – which reaches out to young people and their families who have experienced trauma.

It’s all thanks to amazing people like you, who believe in our work and believe that every child deserves the right to lead a full and fulfilling adult life.

How you support us:

Big or small, your gifts and donations make a difference to the children, young people and families that we work with.

 £5 could pay for a Mentor and Mentee to have a soft drink during a mentoring session

£25 could train a member of teaching staff in the attachment theory

£40 could pay for one hour of complimentary therapy

£45 could pay for one hour of therapy (e.g. Psychotherapy, Dramatherapy, Art therapy)

£80 could pay for an hour of family therapy

£100 could train a new mentor

£110 could cover an assessment of therapeutic need for a school child

£450 could pay for one young person to attend the 16 week “What’s it like to be me?” project aiming to improve self-esteem and confidence

£1,900 could fund a course of therapeutic treatment for a young person and their family