Helpful resources recommended by our team!

Our team have been busy compiling and sharing a mountain-load of useful resources to get us all through this tricky time. Take a read below to find just a few:

Self-Isolation – looking after your mental health

We’ve seen lots of information and guidance on looking after your mental health while self-isolating, and we’ve found this has some top tips. Plus, this guide to anxiety reminds readers not to ignore their anxious feelings and offers tips to manage it.

We’ve found this a great read for 20 tips guarding against depression and anxiety.

Be good to your body too!

As we move a lot (more) of our work online, many are noticing the toll this can take on our physical bodies.  If you’re wondering about a few simple ways to look after your body please click here.

click here

Family-friendly calm!

The Squiggle Game has come recommended to encourage children to express. Our team will be using it virtually but there’s no reason you couldn’t use it with your children click here

One of our clinical team shared this (click here) resource from a fellow Dramatherapist. A useful piece to encourage ‘creative calm throughout coronavirus’.

Strange feelings:

Here’s an easy read book for young children, to help them understand the changes going on right now. Written by Corale Betterfly

The large plates were at the bottom of the pile with the smaller ones sat on top. This was very normal and just the way it had always been. The dishes and bowls were on the same shelf in the same cupboard as the plates. Everything in the cupboard felt safe and all okay… click to continue 

Activities for kids

We hope you’ll find these links to activities for children useful:

  • This really handy website lists plenty of ideas to keep you and your child busy
  • This Facebook group has plenty of ideas too!
  • Click here for some suggestions from the emotional literacy support assistants.

Stress relief fun for families!

Or if you’re looking for some simple stress-relieving fun, why not make and create.  click here… to find out how to make playdough in four easy steps.