Happy 13th Birthday to Kids Inspire!

To celebrate, we thought we would share 13 positive things that have come from our response to COVID-19

***If you can, please help with our special birthday challenge… Donations to fund 13 therapy sessions. Target £585 ***


Thank you

  1. ‘Talk Together’ launched 🖥 – Therapy shifted online throughout lockdown and is to remain as part of a hybrid approach to service delivery
    Talk Together
  2. Children adapting 🧖‍♀️- some children adapted positively to online therapy and even taught our therapists a few things!
    Children adapting
  3. Brave young people 👧🧒- some of our young beneficiaries shared their mental health journey as part of our involvement in Global’s Make Some Noise fundraising campaign
    Brave young people
  4. Online lunch clubs 👩‍🎤 – Lunch club shifted online this summer and thanks to tremendous volunteer support hundreds of lunches (and superhero craft activities) were delivered to children across the summer
    Online Lunch Clubs
  5. Virtual fundraising 🏅 – Our supporters have well and truly risen to the challenge of virtual 
  6. and online fundraising! 2.6 Challenge, Quizzes and more are helping to fill the gap from our usual fundraising events 
    Virtual fundraising
  7. Online Mentoring 💻 – Mentoring has continued online throughout recent months, and for some has been a source of much needed welcome support
    Online Mentoring
  8. Volunteer ‘Response Team’ – following an appeal to specialist professionals a volunteer response team formed and have since delivered hundreds of volunteer hours to children, young people and families in need of emotional support
    Volunteer response team
  9. New commissioned partnership – A bittersweet partnership that on one hand, sadly, reflects the  ‘need’ for more mental health support for children and young people, and on the other hand reflects that outcomes from our team are positive
    New commissioned partnership
  10. ‘A Week of Wellbeing’💙 – For 2020, WOW went online!
    Week of Wellbeing
  11. Treasure bags 🎨 – We asked for your donations to help fill bags of craft, art and games to support children to access online therapy. Donations came flooding in – thank you all 💕
     Treasure Bags
  12. Sing My Own Song 🎵 – a community engagement project due to launch pre-COVID is soon to launching online… watch this space!
     Sing my own song
  13. Going national 👩‍💻 – Again, bittersweet, as it’s sad that we are needed, but it is positive that, together with our benefactors, we have shared stories on ITV News, LBC FM, LBC News FM, Heart FM and other broadcast channels
  14. QAVS 🏆 Volunteers received the MBE for volunteering (not COVID related, but something positive to shout about none the less!)