Expert opinion: Relieving post-traumatic stress disorder

Members of the Somatic Experiencing Association (SEAUK) will hear how the charity Kids Inspire applies somatic experiencing (SE) to their work relieving children of the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), stress and overwhelm.

The ninth SEAUK AGM will be hosted this Saturday, 16 March, with Sue Bell, Founder and CEO of Kids Inspire contributing to the session by sharing case-studies and her own professional experience of work using SE.

SE, a form of trauma resolution therapy, is aimed at relieving the symptoms of PTSD and other mental and physical trauma-related health problems. It focuses on perceived body sensations felt by the individual client and uses those sensations to heal PTSD. 

At Kids Inspire, SE is embedded into therapeutic assessment and practice, with Sue commenting: “With each child we meet, we look and listen to how their past affects their present. Additionally, to make our practice trauma informed, we look at negative childhood experiences – addressing the cause rather than the symptoms. This in-depth exploration identifies the most effective course of therapy – of which we often favour the ‘Arts’ for children – for the child at the centre of each case to teach simple skills to mobilise their body’s self-healing system.”

The members of SEAUK are all experienced professionals using the pioneering body-based approach to relieve PTSD and other symptoms of emotionally ill-health in clients they work with.

Maggie Richards, Meditation Teacher, Founder – Smiley Minds, and Author, invited Sue to be one of the inaugural speakers at the SEA AGM. She commented: “Sue has been selected to be a speaker at SEA UK’s inaugural live CPD talks as we believe her inspiring SE/trauma resolution-based work with children will be of interest to our members, who are mostly fellow mental health professionals.”

More detail will be posted on the Kids Inspire social media channels following tomorrows event…