Daily wellness journal – and other online resources for all

The daily wellness journal is something one of our therapists has created for her own personal use.

It’s a daily sheet to complete at the beginning of the day and to go back to at the end of the day.

  • The idea is to set up goals for the day
  • To check-in with energy levels and mood
  • To build in self-care stops for daily practise (self-care is not just for the weekend). So, part of that is to also look for and acknowledge positive moments as they occur.

At the end of the day, there is space to note whatever small or big achievements have been managed and time for a brief reflection.

“Just mentally sometimes, take a quick overview of the day it really can help maintain positivity and wellbeing.” – Clinician

Other resources our clinical team have recommended:

The Go Zen journal is aimed at the 11-13 age group and our clinical team recommend it to their service users at appropriate times.

The 100 New Things to Try – Ideas in the jar is designed to be printed out, cut up and placed in a jar or box. Each day a slip is ‘lucky-dipped’ and becomes the suggestion of the day. This may work as one idea per day for a month perhaps?