Celebrating 2.6 challenge fundraising success

On the #Twopointsix launch day, Sunday 26 April, our supporters came together to raise £10k! There’s still time for you to take part too…

Take on the 2.6 challenge

This is a welcome national campaign which goes a way towards plugging the deficit from cancelled fundraising events, but there is always room for more. The Two Point Six Challenge is ongoing, if you’d like to know more, please click here. Don’t forget to let us know any future plans you might have – we will support you all the way!

Leading the way in the national fundraising ‘Save the UKs charities’ campaign was Kids Inspire Trustee and former Chelmsford Mayor, Yvonne Spence, who alongside her County Councillor husband John Spence, swam 2.6km each in their home pool. 

Yvonne, who also took on the challenge to celebrate her 70th birthday, said: “The work that Kids Inspire does is both essential and unique. We are truly inspired by the help they give to young people who are particularly impacted at this time by the closure of schools that often provide them with stability. This was the furthest that either of us have ever swam, so it was a real challenge, but it really was for a worthwhile cause so we’re pleased that we did it!”

‘Save the UKs charities’ launched on 26 April, which was the original date for 2020s London Marathon. Kids Inspire saw 14 individual fundraisers take on inspiring challenges around the number ’26 or 2.6’ in aid of its services. Raising £9.8k between them. 

Alongside Yvonne and John, activities ranged from solo bike rides to inspiring motivators Lindsey Abbott – Shimmy and Groove – and Mel Anderson – A Better Change – hosting online aerobic sessions. A final mention must go to the number of baskets made in 26 minutes by one young supporter who has found a new passion for basketball during lockdown.

Now more than ever, positive mental health is needed to get us through this difficult time.