Bravery prevails at the first Kids Who Lunch Clubs of 2020!

This week has seen over 20 kids per day on each of our two ‘Kids Who Lunch Club‘ – a school holiday activity for local children.

Chelmsford Football Club

The first day was sponsored and hosted by Chelmsford FC and saw brave kids picking up and holding reptiles and insects, including:

  • Burmese Python (Cleo)
  • Corn snake (Winter)
  • Leopard Gecko (Raichu)
  • Flat Rock Scorpion
  • Chile Rose tarantula (Onika)
  • Panther Chameleon (Gandalf)
  • Bearded Dragon (Bella)
  • Spur Thigh Tortoise (Violet)


The second day was hosted at Kids Inspire HQ by two of our own therapists. The theme for the day was ‘getting to know yourself’ and included techniques used in group dramatherapy and art therapy sessions.

Fruit salad!

Older children played games to get to know each other, while the younger children played ‘fruit salad’ – a game of chaotic fruit fun – working together with the parachute to lift it while teammates ran underneath.

Additionally, all kids were invited to choose an object from a portable dramatherapy kit and were asked to give special abilities to the object chosen.

Portable Dramatherapy kit!

Dramatherapist, Bluebell, said: “One child chose a fish that could flip upside down to be able to see an animal or person below it that might need help. All of the kids worked well together and really used their imaginations.”


One lunch club attendee said: “I love my dog so thought it was a great idea to include a colourful picture of him on my selfie board.”

Both groups had the opportunity to fill their own selfie board with things they love and the things they love about themselves. The outcome being boards covered with tributes to:

  • Pets
  • Unicorns
  • Colours & their imagination
  • Sporting and gaming fun.

Another Lunch Club attendee, said: “Mine is full of my favourite colours and I thought hard about what objects to stick on each colour as I wanted them to match.”

Art therapist, Amber commented: “The children really enjoyed the creativity of this project and felt especially proud when other children were inspired by their work.”

Volunteers for lunch club are an essential part of the day, and we were fortunate to welcome volunteers from ICap and Allianz this week.

ICap volunteers!