Emotional trauma training

For Teachers and Leaders 

Three levels of training delivered by qualified practitioners, experienced in the fields of education, social work, psychology and psychotherapy.

Life events are often unpredictable. Living through a traumatic experience can change the course of life for children and families. How well people survive depends upon individual emotional resilience – developed by the quality of attachment to others.

Learning outcomes
• Confidence and understanding of trauma informed practice
• Recognition of the signs and symptoms of trauma
• Awareness of the behaviours associated with trauma and attachment difficulties
• Acquisition of ‘tools’ to aid appropriate response to young people whose behaviour
worries us the most
• Ability to plan timely and helpful interventions.


“A greater understanding of what I am dealing with in the classroom.”

 “How to identify by interpreting behaviours, a child who has experienced trauma.”

 “Techniques to use with children with attachment issues.”

Feedback received from recent delegates. 


Training content 

Level 1 – An introduction to key theory relating to emotional trauma and attachment.
(Two hours)
Level 2 – Learning through experience and acquiring tools that make a difference
(Three hours)
Level 3 – Reflection, practice and consultation (an opportunity to deepen
understanding in relation to the children and young people you teach).
(Three hours)

NB. Participants must do the preceding level before progressing to level 3. All levels
will enable staff to develop trauma informed practice.

Please complete the expression of interest form and return to clinicaladmin@kidsinspire.org.uk or call 01245 348707 for more information.