About Kids Inspire

Kids Inspire helps disadvantaged young people turn their lives around and gives them back their future.

We support young people across Essex who are at an educational, social and/or economic disadvantage resulting from trauma or emerging mental health issues. For example they may have experienced sexual or domestic abuse, separation anxiety or significant loss.

Many young people are referred to Kids Inspire because other support agencies consider them ‘too complex’ to help. Thanks to the specialist services we are able to offer, Kids Inspire has assisted Social Care in closing numerous cases.

Our Services

Kids Inspire provides disadvantaged young people, their parents and young carers (siblings) a bespoke service package consisting of:

* Individual therapy (e.g. clinically proven counselling, Arts Psychotherapy, complementary therapies and talking therapy). This service accounts for 60% of provision.

* Coaching (support to improve emotional health and mental well being)

* Mentoring (support and guidance on a one-to-one basis, provided by trained volunteers)

* Group work (e.g. Kids Who Lunch Club during the school holidays for children entitled to free school meals; Dramatherapy and Filmmaking)

Current Projects

Details on our current projects can be found here and below. 

Coaching & Mentoring – coping strategies or one to one support to listen, guide and encourage.

Kids who Lunch Club – local community outreach activities run during school holidays.

The GROW project – supporting primary age children with educational and therapeutic support.

What is it like to be me? – a group Dramatherapy and film making project.

Who’s in Charge?

Reclaiming Lives – combining therapy with other specialist intervention to create bespoke treatment plans.

Tracey Mead Project

Brentwood Schools Project


Family Team

Christmas Appeal

The Voice Forum


Current training courses

In addition to our projects we also provide the following training courses;

Emotional trauma training for Teachers and Leaders

Mind Moves– emotional and physical well-being training for school age children (currently being piloted).

Community Engagement

More about our organisation

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