A welcome ‘one-off’ surprise

A one-off unrestricted donation towards our work came as surprising good news from the NEX For Good programme last week.

This news was unexpected but was all credit to the hard work by NEX, whose global fundraising events raised more than expected enabling even more non-profits and charities to receive donations this year.

At NEX, Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) is a key programme emphasising their commitment to being a socially responsible business by making a positive impact on the environment, people and communities in which they work and live.  Their CSR is delivered through the NEX For Good programme. 

As part of the NEX For Good programme, one of the pillars is ‘Corporate Giving’ in which NEX support charitable projects and deserving causes through targeted funding.  In addition to all supported projects, this year some special donations outside of their annual Giving Day following individual ‘NEX Officer’ nominations have been made. And we are one of those fortunate nominees.

The donation will make a healthy contribution to our Reclaiming Lives project, which is a project that allows us the most flexibility when working with children, young people and their families.

Thank you to NEX services for our welcome surprise.