iStock_000003849463SmallChris was having difficulties integrating within his peer group on a social emotional level. He didn’t have any friends his own age and preferred to play with younger children. His behaviour at home was managed by his parents but was challenging.

School transition

At Kids Inspire we were concerned about Chris’s transition from primary to secondary school. We knew it was going to be a struggle as he was a low achiever and had very low self esteem. Within two weeks of starting his secondary school, Chris started reporting incidents of bullying to his parents.

He became introverted, depressed and non communicative. There was an accumulation of ever-growing, smaller incidents of physical and emotional bullying and, nine weeks into school, Chris tried to hang himself on the school banisters.

Mentor would help

Chris’s needs couldn’t be met at the school and his parents decided to keep him at home. The school offered no support, e.g. home tuition, so Kids Inspire placed a learning support mentor and a Kids Inspire mentor in place for both Chris and his sister, who was also struggling.

An appropriate school

Chris is a bright child. Kids Inspire believed that he had been overlooked and that he felt he had to take drastic action to be noticed. Our main concern was that he felt safe and could work within a contained environment. In other words, in order to thrive, Chris needed to be at a small school that offered more 1:1 input and a nurturing environment that would cater to his educational, social and emotional needs.

Kids Inspire continued to support Chris and his family with family work, a family keyworker, complementary therapies and mentors. After two hard months of weekly support, the family were empowered to go to panel in relation to Chris’s schooling and gained a place at a school that was ideal for supporting all of Chris’ needs.

Chris is much happier

Chris and his sister still have their Kids Inspire mentors. Chris is a happy, outgoing young boy, grasping all the opportunities that his new school offers him.

Chris said: “I have liked meeting my mentor and loved making my Guinea Pig project. I think the drops and tablets have worked as I now feel less angry. I feel happier at home now and you have given my family some very good ideas to work better together. I am now looking forward to my future.”

His family is much happier

Chris’ Mum said: We seemed to be quite fractured as a family as it was a very difficult time in our lives – my husband had suffered a break down and my father had died. The family counselling we were given was just what we needed: even after the first session, we left the school feeling more like a family unit.

“Having the ongoing support and someone to listen to us and offer advice has been invaluable – we don’t feel on our own anymore. We still have a long way to go but I feel we are getting there. Chris is now looking forward to his future and has hopes to go to Writtle Agricultural College! ‘Kids Inspire changed our lives, I am sure that if you hadn’t been there for us then Chris wouldn’t be with us today. I can’t thank you enough.’

(Chris is a pseudonym to protect identities.)

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